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Children's art festival "IRPIN travnevy" (IRPIN in May) was founded by the NGO "Life is beautiful" in 2016 on the basis of the Irpin Economic College of the National Agricultural University, which is in the city of Irpin, Kiev region. Every year the Festival grows quantitatively and qualitatively. In 2016, about 500 children from the Kiev region took part in it. In 2017, about 700 contestants from different regions of Ukraine are gathered. And already from 2018 we change the name to the English version "Irpin Kids Fest" and invited children's groups from other countries. In 2018 we we were visited by more than 1,000 young talents. The Irpin City Council supports and promotes the development of our Festival. We also got the support of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


With the help of art, we focus on a child who is on the path of self-improvement and self-organization. We are convinced that the development of responsibility and spirituality are decisive not only in the future of the child, but society as a whole. So, the aim of the festival is to provide a platform for children to develop their creativity and personal abilities.



Each participant of the festival is awarded with a medal, a diploma and a memorable gift. Winners of creative contests receive cups and money rewards. Already traditionally the company "Natur +" treats all participants tasty and useful hematogens. Discos, various master classes, quests and other fun games are organized for children.

Jury and star guests

The jury consists of professional teachers, honored cultural figures, as well as stars of renowned talent shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance?", "The X Factor", "The Voice" and others. In 2018, the jury included singer Alexander Ponomariov, choreographer Bogdan Urkhov, actor Ostap Stupka and others. The different backgrounds of the jury stimulate creative diversity and increase the pedagogical skill and professional level.


The festival of 2018

In 2018, the Festival was dedicated to the International Children's Day and was held from May 31 to June 3. The opening of the Festival took place on May 31st in the central square of Irpin with a further parade by the central streets of the city. On June 1st, the competition part of the festival took place on the best scenes of the city. The vocal competition of the Festival was held on the basis of the VN NUBiPU "Irpinsky Economic College", the choreographic contest - on the basis of the University of fiscal services of Ukraine, the competition of the original genre - based on the City House of Culture. On June 2, a grand Gala Concert of the Festival took place on a large street scene in the city center. D-Side BAND and Alexander Ponomariov came to greet the kids! June 3rd for the young participants and residents of the city Innovative-educational space "Creators of the Future" held an exciting entertainment program at the Druzhnyy children's sanatorium. Four days of intense creative program immersed the whole city with a lot of positive emotions and extraordinary impressions.

Author: Oleg Gryb

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Plans for the future

The festival is developing, every year becoming new, the level of participants grows. So, very soon we will offer Ukraine a 2019 project that will hit all the next growth. New genres, new scales and other pleasant surprises await you. If you are engaged in the development of the younger generation in any field of art or science, write us your suggestions on how to present your kids' achievements at our festival on e-mail kidsfest.in.ua@gmail.com. Or fill out the pre-registration form by clicking the button below.




  • Ukrainian pop song

  • Foreign variety song

  • Folk song

  • Jazz vocals

  • Academic vocals

Age categories:

  • Children 7-8 years old

  • Children 9-11 years old

  • Children 12-14 years old

  • Children 15-17 years old

  • Mixed age category

Quantitative composition:

  • Solo

  • Small ensemble (2-5 children)

  • Large ensemble (6-12 children)




  • International folk dance

  • Modern stylized folk dance

  • Classical dance

  • Modern choreography (Contemporary, Modern, Jazz Modern, Jazz, Demi Classics)

  • Ballroom and sport dance (Latin American and European program, Rock&Roll)

  • Variety dances (entertaining stage choreography, children's choreography)

  • Street dances (Hip-Hop, Disco, Jazz Funk, BrackDance, Crapm, ElectroBug, etc)

Age categories:

  • Kids till 6 years old

  • Children 6-8 years

  • Juvenals 9-11 years

  • Juniors 12-14 years

  • Youth 15-17 years

  • Mixed age category

Quantitative composition:

  • Solo

  • Duet

  • Small Group (3-8 pers.)

  • Formation (9-16 pers.)

  • Production (17 and more students)


Original genre


  • Theater performances of any genre (excerpts) to 30 minutes.

  • Artistic expression of any genre for up to 5 minutes.

  • Variety productions of any genre (excerpts, sketches, miniatures, pantomime, parody, stand-up show) up to 15 minutes.

  • Theater of model to 4 min.

  • Sand animation (graphic work) up to 7 minutes.

  • Circus art of any genre for up to 10 minutes.

Age categories:

  • Younger age category 5-8 years

  • The middle age category 9-12 years old

  • Older age category 13-17 years

  • Mixed younger age category 5-12 years old

  • Mixed age group 13-17 years old

Quantitative composition:

  • Solo

  • Small forms (2-3 participants)

  • Collectives (from 4 participants)



Every year our children festival is sponsored by local and national companies and charity funders, who support the creative development of the young generation. If you or your company are interested in partnership in our project, please contact us by phone (+380)97-393-94-63 (Natalia Gayvoron) or write to e-mail kidsfest.in.ua@gmail.com

Media support

Become a volunteer



  • you are energetic and sociable person from 16 years old

  • live in Ukraine and easy to travel

  • you love children and art

  • you are able to be responsible for your tasks

Then we are waiting for you in the team of volunteers of our Festival!


Natalia Gayvoron

co-founder and head of the organizing committee, curator of the choreography competition

Organizer of cultural events, Member of the Association "Culture and Creativity", President of the Public Organization "Development and leisure center "Life is beautiful"

Lyudmila Klymenko

co-founder and artistic director of the festival

Organizer of cultural events, tutor of humanitarian disciplines of the NUBiPU "Irpin Economics College"

Volodymyr Gryzlov

curator of the vocal competition of the festival

Honored Worker of Pop Art of Ukraine, Member of the Association of Pop Art Professionals of Ukraine, arranger, pianist, sound engineer, founder and director of the arrangements and sound recording studio "VGRstudio"

Irina Karpenko

curator of the original genre contest

head of Romeo and Juliet Theater and Cinema Studio, director of the theater "Glass", founder and organizer of the theater festival "The Way to Success" in Irpin

Daryna Katkalo

deputy head of the working committee, curator of entertainment program of the festival

organizer of cultural events, public figure, founder and organizer of the book festival "Irpin Book Fest"

Yulia Knoroz

the curator of massmedia of the Festival

the founder and director of the project "IRPIN Kids" - the largest regional Internet resource for parents in the city of Irpin

Sergey Volk

technical director of the festival

sound producer, sound technician, member of cover-band WAYS Band


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Welcome to Irpin!

Irpin is a picturesque town 9 kilometers from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Today, Irpin is a record breaker in the rate of development among all cities in Ukraine. Over the past 3 years, the city has become a solid park area with well-equipped children's playgrounds and recreation areas, new schools and hospitals, new roads and communications, culture and art are being developed as well. The Irpin City Council supports and promotes the development of our Festival as a project of national value.

Author: Oleg Gryb